Archiving The Peripatetic Film and Video Collection

Studio work drawing

Rio de janeiro carnival 2006

Twilight with moon and sea

Studio work diagram

Mexico Chichén Itzá 1996

NYC Twin Towers 1995

Studio work drawing


Rio de Janeiro carnival 2006

Studio work prints and drawings

The research, funded by the Italian Council 9, aims to contribute to intersectional methods of archiving and to generate accessible emancipatory knowledge while challenging the notion of the archive as a monolithic entity. The moving images logging and classification process is a speculative research and production of commoning based on notions of date, place, name and format, as much as of intuition, memory, anticolonial narratives, resonance, play, drawings and symbols. TPF&VA (The Peripatetic Film & Video Archive) is built upon criteria of personal and professional life’s experiences of feminist practices, political and cultural activism, d.i.y. inventions, independent filmmaking resources, institutional critique and conviviality. The year long research conceived the inventory modalities, the criteria by which to archive the footage, organize materials and design TPF&VA website.

Archiving the Peripatetic Film & Video collection